Loss Control Toolkit

Welcome to Farmers’ Restaurant Industry Loss Control Toolkit, Ver. 1.0.

This electronic toolkit has been developed for you to take steps necessary to assist you with reducing your workplace hazards and exposures by taking control of your safety and health program.

This toolkit contains sample programs, safety materials, and technical bulletins for your industry. To view these within the toolkit, you will need Adobe® Acrobat® or Adobe® Reader®. A free download is available at www.adobe/reader.com

Editable sample programs in Microsoft® Word® format are included on this CD. They will be found in the Sample Programs directory. Using your word processor, open your CD ROM drive and select the appropriate document from the Sample Programs directory.

An effective safety program begins with a formal safety policy document. The following documents will assist you with formalizing your safety program and policies. Some documents are state specific while other are a generic template format. Choose the toolkit item that best suites your local needs.

Workplace environments present a variety of exposures and hazards for your business and employees. The topics below are some of the most common that could impact your operations. Select the topics that you feel are impacting your workplace for solutions to improve your exposure to risk.

Supervisor training and employee orientation a essential components to an effective safety effort. The supervisor is the first line of defense for your safety efforts. Select the topics that you need to implement to continue to develop your safety program and safety policies.

To assist you with your orientation and safety training needs, Farmers Loss Control has a wide variety of safety videos to help you plan and conduct your training. Use the link below to view our safety video library catalog and then order the videos that will assist you with your next training session.

Hazards and exposures focus and control can vary by insurance coverage. You should keep in mind that some hazards will cross insurance coverage lines. Using the Restaurant Industry Self-Inspection Checklist will assist you with identifying many of the expected hazards or exposures in the restaurant industry.

The Restaurant Self-Inspection Checklist is in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format. You can view this program here or you can view it later by opening the 32-7383.pdf file located in the PDF file folder on this CD.

Click here to view the Restaurant Self-Inspection Checklist.

Below are the current Farmers publications and Loss Control Information Bulletins that relate to hazards and exposures in the restaurant industry. Use them to compliment your with your safety and loss reduction efforts. Select the topic link that you would like to view or click here to continue to Organized Reduction and Recovery Plans.

General Restaurant Industry Solutions
Farmers Loss Control Program Basics 51-0585
Restaurant Self-Inspection Checklist 32-7383
Fire and Property Solutions
Automatic Water-Based Sprinkler System, LC Information Bulletin # 3 51-1348
Water-Based Extinguishing Systems Self-Inspection Checklist, LC Info. Bulletin # 4 51-1349
Fire Extinguishers, LC Information Bulletin # 14 51-1119
Fixed Range and Hood Protection for Restaurants, LC Information Bulletin # 6 51-1351
Preventing Commercial Burglaries, LC Information Bulletin # 13 51-1118
Restaurant Loss Prevention Self-Inspection Checklist, LC Information Bulletin # 7 51-1352
Liability Solutions
Emergency Exits, LC Information Bulletin #39 51-1866
Emergency Lighting, LC Information Bulletin #35 51-1387
Emergency Management, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Emergency Action and Fire Prevention Plan No SRN
Emergency Evacuation Plan, Sample Document No SRN
Foodborne Diseases, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Botulism, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Campylobatcteriosis, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
E. Coli, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Salmonellosis, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Shigellosis, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Hold Harmless Agreements, LC Information Bulletin # 8 51-1353
Lighting, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Liquor Liability, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Alcohol Beverage Service Policy No SRN
Parking Lot Safety, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Raw Shellfish Consumption, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Restrooms, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Slips and Falls, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Stairs, Steps and Ramps, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Tableside Food Preparation, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Valet Parking, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Automobile Liability Solutions
Fleet Management Program, LC Information Bulletin # 15 51-1120
Statement of Management Policy, LC Information Bulletin # 28 51-1341
Driver Selection Criteria, LC Information Bulletin # 24 51-1337
Driver Training, LC Information Bulletin # 25 51-1338
Motor Vehicle Record Program, LC Information Bulletin # 26 51-1339
MVR Evaluation Guidelines, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection, LC Information Bulletin # 29 51-1342
Fleet Accident Analysis and Investigation, LC Information Bulletin # 23 51-1336
Supervisor’s Fleet Accident Analysis Report, Supplement to LC Information Bulletin # 23 51-1343
Personal Use of Company Vehicles Policy, LC Information Bulletin # 27 51-1340
Road Rage, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Workers’ Compensation Solutions
Balconies and Handrails, LC Information Bulletin # 32 51-1379
Burns, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Discarding Used Cooking Oil, LC Information Bulletin # 30 51-1376
Equipment and Machine Guarding, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Ergonomics, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Glassware, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI), LC Information Bulletin # 16 51-1121
Hand Tools, LC Information Bulletin # 17 51-1122
Hazardous Chemicals, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Heat Hazards, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Hot Environments, LC Information Bulletin # 21 51-1129
Kitchen Safety, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Ladders, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Lifting, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Lockout-Tagout, LC Information Bulletin # 11 51-1116
Material Handling Equipment, LC Information Bulletin # 12 51-1117
Portable Power Tools, LC Information Bulletin # 18 51-1123
Reducing Stress, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Smoking Control Program, LC Information Bulletin # 10 51-1355
Strains and Sprains, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Terrorism, LC Information Bulletin No SRN
Workplace Violence, LC Information Bulletin No SRN

Preparation in advance of a loss is the key to maintaining control of your claims costs. This includes preferred medical providers where allowed and making preparations for major disruptions in your operations

Organized Medical and Disability Program

If you are currently connected to the internet and want to locate a California workers’ compensation medical provider from the Medical Provider Network, click here.

Click on any of the following links for additional information on the California Medical Network Provider information, requirements, and forms.

Claims Mitigation

If you have a claim, please contact a Farmers Claims representative as soon as possible. Our toll free number is 1-800-HelpPoint (1-800-435-7764) or you can report your claim over the internet at www.farmers.com, click here. NOTE: You may need to click on your browser back arrow twice to return to this page.. To report a claim in Spanish, call 1-877-RECLAMO and for the Hearing Impaired, call 1-888-891-1660.


Tracking past loss trends help point toward future incidents or losses. Accurate collection and analysis of your loss data will help reduce your potential risk of loss. The use of spreadsheets, a database, or hand written logs will assist with your record keeping needs.

Your records need to be maintained for easy reference. A small binder with section tabs will work fine. Some of the data records you will want to keep are individual and/or group training records, accident investigation report forms, and completed self-inspection checklists. PDF format samples of these items are available below.

Farmers Loss Control Department provides the information in this Restaurant Toolkit to assist you with improving your loss prevention and safety policies, procedures, and activities. If you did not find the coverage related, loss control information you need, use the link below to request additional information or assistance.

Our request for additional information or services is available in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format. You can view a copy of the request with the link below or open it later by opening the RequestInfo.pdf file located in the PDF file folder on this CD.

Click here to view the Service or Information Request Form now.

If you need additional information, you can call 1-800-531-0450 to speak to one of our customer service assistants. Thank you and remember that Farmers helps “Get you back where you belong”.