Information for Agents

Effective October 1, 2009 all agents in California will be able to place Workers Comp polices in (Farmers, Truck, Mid-Century).

Effective July 2010, new business eligible to be member.
Effective July 2010, 5% additional discount on Worker’s Comp when liability insurance is written.
15% rate deduction on class code 8078


Classification Codes Eligible for Membership

  • 9079(1) Restaurants or Taverns – All Employees – Including Musicians and Entertainers – N.P.D (less than 50% of receipts from sale of alcoholic beverages)
  • 9079(6) Restaurants – Fine Dining (Restaurants shall develop an estimated annual premium of $15,000 or more and engage exclusively in providing table service for lunch and dinner meals only. Restaurants with restricted menus, often referred to as coffee shops sandwich shops and/or restaurants with only counter service operations are not eligible to be written under this classification.)
  • 9079(8)* Fast Food *Must have at least 51% of the principle payroll assigned to have this class code and be a part any franchise
  • 8078(1) Sandwich Shops – Not Restaurants
  • 8078(2) Beverage Preparation Shops (not bars or taverns)
  • 8078(3) Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt Shops